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jQuery UI tab and Google Map Display problem (resize and center)

When you use jQuery UI tab or jQuery accordion for displaying Google map and facing problem on display of map. You can follow these steps: 1) Add this code jQuery(‘#tabs, #streetview‘).tabs({ activate: function(event, ui){ google.maps.event.trigger(streetview, ‘resize’); } }); Where #streeview is your map ID  and #tabs is your tab ID above code solve your problem … Continue reading

Jetpack 2.1: Tiled Galleries

Originally posted on Jetpack for WordPress:
Posting photo galleries on your WordPress blog is a fun way to share your experiences with the world, but do plain old thumbnail grids truly express your artistic side? No, they don’t. That’s why we’ve added tiled galleries to Jetpack. Tiled galleries allow you to create beautiful photo mosaics…

Originally posted on jigneshthanki99:
After huge success and response of “Navratri Dhamal”, Android Team is now back with an interesting application for your android mobile. Diwali is coming; Android Apps Developer Team has designed whole Diwali Dhamal application to celebrate Diwali with Dhamal. You can join diwali vibe with your android phone using this application.…

How to Increase Page Speed

Use gZip compression Optimize Images Minify Java-script by compressing them Set “Keep-alive on” from php.ini Combine images into CSS (CSS sprites) CSS compression Do not scale images (specify height and width) Specify “Alt” and “Title” for images Specify “Title” for anchor tag Catching of images, HTML, CSS, Java-script Use of Cookies You can also check … Continue reading

Jetpack 2.0.4 Released

Originally posted on Jetpack for WordPress:
Earlier today, we released Jetpack 2.0.3. Within an hour, we received reports that Jetpack couldn’t be activated after upgrading. We found a conflict between WordPress and Jetpack, which we’ve fixed in Jetpack 2.0.4. This latest update is available now in your WordPress dashboard or here at

Web Development Checklist

Before publishing your web site you should check following points. SEO Friendly site structure/URL’s Clean code no inline javascript/css etc Minimize the amount of HTTP requests where possible All pages to have own Title, Description and keywords tags Use Gzip compression Image optimization/compression for faster loading (without affecting resolution) Robots.txt creation and installation Use H1-H6 … Continue reading